Foundation In Accountancy

If you are looking for a rewarding career in finance and accountancy and you live in Pakistan or Bangladesh, then our Foundation Diploma is designed just for you. Once you have completed the exam portion of the Diploma, you’ll be eligible to transfer to the ACCA Qualification with exemptions from our Applied Knowledge exams.

Fast-track to the ACCA Qualification

The Foundation level is the best preparation for the ACCA Qualification if you don’t have any other qualifications or experience. Complete the diploma and you can be automatically transferred onto the ACCA Qualification, free of charge, and given free exemptions from the first three exams.

Exam Structure

The new ACCA Foundation Diploma consists of seven exams and the Foundations in Professionalism online module:
  • FA1 – Recording Financial Transactions
  • MA1 – Management Information
  • FA2 – Maintaining Financial Records
  • MA2 – Managing Costs and Finance
  • FBT – Foundations in Business and Technology
  • FMA – Management Accounting
  • FFA – Financial Accounting
To gain the Foundation Diploma and be eligible for the ACCA Qualification you must pass all seven exams and then complete the Foundations in Professionalism online module.